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Kurt Hofbauer joins PLAZAMEDIA as new SVP Business Projects & Communications

Ismaning, January 18, 2022 – Reinforcement for PLAZAMEDIA: Kurt Hofbauer joins the Ismaning-based broadcast service provider as the new Senior Vice President Business Projects & Communications, effective immediately. In his newly created role, the 38-year-old will report directly to Jens Friedrichs, Chairman of the Management Board of PLAZAMEDIA GmbH.


The main focus of his new position will be on the further development of the business area, the identification of new commercial fields and customer segments, the acquisition of new customers and the individual support of business projects, the support of the management in strategic projects, the responsibility for all communication and marketing measures as well as the representation of PLAZAMEDIA at industry events.


Before joining PLAZAMEDIA, Kurt Hofbauer worked as Director Business Projects & Operations at SPORT1 Business (until December 2019 Sport1 Media GmbH). In this role, he held P&L responsibility for foreign marketing and OTT marketing and was responsible for all post-sales topics as well as strategic projects – in particular the digitalization of the entire sales value chain. Previously, he had held the position of Director Product Management at Sport1 Media GmbH from 2018, where he was responsible for all concepts, offers and campaigns across all platforms (TV, digital, audio and social) as well as B2B communications. From April 2020 to December 2021, Kurt Hofbauer was also Director at LEITMOTIF Creators GmbH, which, like PLAZAMEDIA GmbH and Sport1 GmbH, is part of the SPORT1 MEDIEN Group. There, he focused on the integration within the Group and on the content-related development of the consulting agency. Kurt Hofbauer had started his career in the SPORT1 MEDIEN Group in 2012 at the then Constantin Sport Marketing GmbH (later Sport1 Media GmbH and today SPORT1 Business), initially as Project Manager and successively in further positions with corresponding responsibilities.


Jens Friedrichs, Chairman of the Management Board of PLAZAMEDIA GmbH: „Kurt Hofbauer will bring his proven business and marketing expertise in the media sector to PLAZAMEDIA from now on and will support us in opening up new business areas and continuing our transformation process. Thanks to this positioning, he will be able to contribute new ideas and provide impetus – especially in identifying market and customer needs, for which we offer our innovative and efficient services in a custom-fit manner.”


Attached are photos of Jens Friedrichs and Kurt Hofbauer (Copyright: PLAZAMEDIA) for free use in the context of editorial reporting.



About PLAZAMEDIA GmbH: Leading provider of smart content solutions

PLAZAMEDIA, a Sport1 Medien AG company, has developed into a leading sports TV producer in the German-speaking region since its foundation in 1976. Today, with its roots in classic television production, PLAZAMEDIA is also an established provider of smart, digital content solutions for all media platforms. Its customers include not only public and private broadcasters, but also platform operators, international sports associations, agencies for sports rights and national and international companies.


The range of services is broad: classic OB van-based production or remote production, staging of live sports or entertainment events, state-of-the-art content management solutions, editing, archiving and target group-specific content distribution on all media platforms – with convergent solutions, PLAZAMEDIA supports customers in the digital transformation of their business models along the entire content value chain.


Smart solutions for customer content: production, management, archiving and distribution – worldwide, digital and customized for all requirements.


More information: www.plazamedia.com/en/




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