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Sport1 Medien AG extends contracts of Olaf Schröder and Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer

Ismaning, September 4, 2020 – Sport1 Medien AG focuses on continuity and stability in management: The Supervisory Board of Sport1 Medien AG has extended the contracts of CEO Olaf Schröder and Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer, Chief Officer Legal and Finance, until December 31, 2024.


Olaf Schröder (49) has been CEO of Sport1 Medien AG (until January 1, 2020 Constantin Medien AG) since August 2017. In this function he co-ordinates the Management Board’s policy and is responsible for the strategic development of Sport1 Medien AG, the M&A activities, Communications and Human Resources as well as for the activities of SPORT1 MEDIEN subsidiaries including Sport1 GmbH, Magic Sports Media GmbH, Match IQ GmbH, PLAZAMEDIA GmbH and LEITMOTIF Creators GmbH. In parallel, he continues to be Chairman of the Management of Sport1 GmbH.

Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer (51) was appointed to the Management Board of Sport1 Medien AG (formerly Constantin Medien AG) in September 2017. In this function, he is responsible, amongst others, for Finance, Legal, Compliance and Investor Relations. In parallel, he continues to serve on the Management Boards of Sport1 GmbH and Magic Sports Media GmbH, each with responsibility for Marketing.

Dr Paul Graf, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sport1 Medien AG: „The contract extensions with Olaf Schröder and Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer ensure continuity and stability in the management of the Group. I am very pleased that Mr Schröder and Dr Kirschenhofer, following the successful result in the Bundesliga rights allocation, are committed to continue on the path they have taken, have made a long-term commitment to the company and will lead the team in Ismaning through this crisis, which represents a major challenge for all media companies.“

Further information about Olaf Schröder and Dr. Matthias Kirschenhofer can be found here.



Sport1 Medien AG is an internationally operating media company based in Ismaning, near Munich, Germany. With its subsidiaries Sport1 GmbH, Magic Sports Media GmbH, Match IQ GmbH, PLAZAMEDIA GmbH and LEITMOTIF Creators GmbH, SPORT1 MEDIEN Group covers the entire value chain in the sports sector: SPORT1 as the leading 360° sports platform in the German-speaking region with its TV, online, mobile, audio und social media channels, MAGIC SPORTS MEDIA as a marketing company in the betting, poker, casino and lottery sectors, Match IQ as the full-service sports event and consulting agency for associations, leagues and clubs for internationalization, match day management and the organization of friendly matches, tournaments, training camps and trips abroad, PLAZAMEDIA as the leading content solution provider in the sports and entertainment area for all media channels and LEITMOTIF as consulting unit and provider of integrated communication solutions for companies and brands. This market positioning offers unique opportunities for customers and partners, including advertising companies and agencies, media houses, platform providers, sports associations, leagues and clubs.


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Further information on the SPORT1 MEDIEN Group is available on the Group website at www.sport1-medien.de.

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