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Management Board of Sport1 Medien AG names management team for the newly created profit centers

  • Media Group becomes more agile and powerful through realignment with five profit centers
  • Co-CEOs Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer and Robin Seckler appoint executives for the five profit centers of Sport1 Medien AG
  • All executives come from within the company‘s own ranks


Ismaning, June 28, 2023 – The Co-CEOs of Sport1 Medien AG, Robin Seckler and Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer, have announced the responsible executives for the five newly created profit centers. The new setup with the five independently operating profit centers had already been announced by Sport1 Medien AG two weeks ago.


The five profit centers and their executives, who report directly to the two Co-CEOs, are as follows:


  • NEWS with the online, mobile and social media offers, led by Tim Schnabel and Julian Frost as Members of the Management,
  • ENTERTAIN with the free-TV channel SPORT1 and the HbbTV, OTT & IPTV offers, led by Christian Madlindl as Member of the Management,
  • PAY-TV with the pay-TV channels SPORT1+ and eSPORTS1, led by Andreas Gerhardt, who continues to be responsible for Distribution and Regulation, as Member of the Management,
  • NEW BIZ for the new business activities of the SPORT1 MEDIEN Group, Media for Equity and the consulting company LEITMOTIF, led by Matthias Reichert as Member of the Management and
  • PLAZAMEDIA with PLAZAMEDIA GmbH as production and content solutions provider, which continues to be led by Jens Friedrichs as Chairman of the Management Board and Hardy Steinweg as Member of the Management of PLAZAMEDIA GmbH.


Tim Schnabel will be responsible for the strategic development and digital transformation of CORE BIZ in addition to his NEWS responsibilities. Together with the profit center managers, he will bundle topics and drive them forward across the board.


In addition to his role in the management of Sport1 GmbH, Christian Madlindl also becomes the new Managing Director of Magic Sports Media GmbH, the iGaming marketer of SPORT1 MEDIEN Group.


The management team at Sport1 GmbH is completed by Stefan Obstmayer, who, as a Member of the Management, continues to be responsible for Sales together with Matthias Reichert.


Together, the NEWS, ENTERTAIN and PAY-TV profit centers form the CORE BIZ area, which comprises the established TV, online, mobile, audio and social media channels of SPORT1. The profit center NEW BIZ is focused on establishing new business areas on the basis of the high-reach SPORT1 platforms. The PLAZAMEDIA area, with PLAZAMEDIA GmbH, stands for TV production and digital content solutions for all media channels.


These structural and, in some cases, personnel changes are the next steps in the transformation of Sport1 Medien AG’s digital division, which was successfully launched a year ago. Now, further areas are to follow in order to achieve the Group’s ambitious goals.


Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer and Robin Seckler, Co-CEOs of Sport1 Medien AG: “We are delighted to have found first-class managers for our five business units – and from within our own ranks. This successful appointment proves that we have highly qualified and committed employees. With our strong team, we feel ideally equipped to successfully implement the planned realignment of our Media Group. We are very much looking forward to working together!”




Sport1 Medien AG is an internationally operating media company based in Ismaning, near Munich, Germany. With its subsidiaries Sport1 GmbH, Magic Sports Media GmbH, Match IQ GmbH, PLAZAMEDIA GmbH and Jackpot50 GmbH, SPORT1 MEDIEN Group covers the entire value chain in the sports sector: SPORT1 as the leading multichannel sports platform in the German-speaking region with its TV, online, mobile, audio und social media channels, MAGIC SPORTS MEDIA as a marketing company in the betting, poker and casino sectors, Match IQ as the full-service sports event and consulting agency for associations, leagues and clubs for internationalization, match day management and the organization of friendly matches, tournaments, training camps and trips abroad, PLAZAMEDIA as the leading content solutions provider in the sports and entertainment area for all media channels and Jackpot50 as a platform operator of virtual slot games. This market positioning offers unique opportunities for customers and partners, including advertising companies and agencies, media houses, platform providers, sports associations, leagues and clubs.




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Further information on the SPORT1 MEDIEN Group is available on the Group website at www.sport1-medien.de.

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